Requirements to move to the United Kingdom from Spain –

If you are thinking of traveling to the United Kingdom shortly or you live there and you must return from our country, luxury villas for sale in marbella you must know well what is required now to enter the country due to the pandemic. Find out now what are the requirements to move to the United Kingdom from Spain.

Requirements to move to the United Kingdom from Spain

The truth is that since the health crisis broke out due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, many things have changed in our lives, let's not forget actions such as wearing a mask or in many cases having to telework at home or also, the The fact of traveling, which in some cases is completely impossible, although many countries have established not only restrictions to enter them but there are also some conditions or restrictions that must be strictly complied with. In the case of the United Kingdom with respect to Spain, there is no problem to travel to England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, but we do have to meet a series of requirements, based mainly on the fact of taking tests or Covid-19 testing, as well as quarantining once we have arrived in the UK.

These are, detailed, the requirements that must be met if you want to move to the United Kingdom from Spain.

Covid-19 testing

Taking a test or Covid-19 test is one of the main requirements to move not only to the United Kingdom from Spain, but so that we can travel to many other countries (if not all). We have to do a first Covid-19 test from Spain that also has to be negative and that has been carried out at least 72 hours before traveling.

But that's not all, as when we arrive in the UK, we have to take two more tests. One on the second day after arriving and the other must be done on the eighth day (if the first as well as the second is negative, we will be able to get out of quarantine, which is also a requirement that we must meet, but in the case that it is positive Either of the two tests or both, we must follow the protocols that we will explain later, although it is somewhat rare that I know of this situation taking into account that from Spain we must travel being negative).

In addition, the two tests that we have to do once we are already in the United Kingdom, must be paid (they are worth 210 pounds) and must be reserved for them to be done. In this way, before traveling it is necessary to enter the link that we write down below, register, make the payment and when we arrive we can take these two tests without problem;

What to do when you arrive in the UK and quarantine

The tests or Covid-19 test are perhaps the main requirement to travel to the United Kingdom from Spain, but once we land in British territory we have to quarantine ourselves. In this way, the British government explains that we must wear a mask at all times, maintain interpersonal distancing and go without fail to the place where we will have to spend a ten-day quarantine (in which we are going to take the aforementioned tests).

To go to the place where we will pass the quarantine, it is advisable not to take public transport, if we have symptoms of coronavirus (namely, fever, cough or respiratory distress).

On the other hand, it is not mandatory, but anyone traveling to the United Kingdom is recommended to download the NHS COVID-19 app on their mobile, in addition to registering where the official NHS COVID-19 QR code signs are located, from so that they can keep track of your situation.

As for the quarantine, it must be done in a licensed hotel or an authorized establishment or in our home (in the event that we live in the United Kingdom but have left the country and are now returning). We will always have to have proof that we can do this quarantine in the United Kingdom, so before traveling it will be necessary to take this into account and book at the hotel knowing that you will have to be locked up for ten days before you can actually leave.

On the other hand, if when we arrive in the United Kingdom we must go to a distant place to quarantine and it gets dark, there is the possibility of spending the night in an establishment with permission to host those people who must quarantine, but we will need the proof aforementioned.

While we are in quarantine we cannot maintain close contact with anyone, less with those people with whom we have traveled in case of traveling accompanied, or the people with whom we live (in the case of having a house in the United Kingdom), we will not be able to go out to the street and we will have to take the two tests that we already mentioned.

Once the ten days have passed and if the tests carried out are negative, we can go out or in fact follow the guidelines and restrictions that apply in the area where we are. In the event that the test is positive, we will have to remain in quarantine until it comes out negative.

Test to Release Protocol

Among the requirements to move from Spain to the United Kingdom, we must also talk about the possibility of receiving the so-called Test To Release protocol, which consists of taking a test outside of those mentioned, which will be carried out five days after landing in United Kingdom and if we get a negative result we can get out of quarantine early. But yes, you must have a negative test prior to traveling, that the test on the second day is also negative and that we have not previously passed through any country that is on the red list of "prohibited" countries in the ten days prior to our trip. to the UK.

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